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  • What is medical billing and coding?

    Medical billing and coding is the process of taking notes from a doctor about a patient’s diagnosis and then using the appropriate ICD10 codes. Billers then submit these codes to insurance companies electronically. The goal is to maximize reimbursement. The next step is to ensure the insurance company pays for the procedure. Finally, billers send the patient a bill or statement outlining their portion of the responsibility.

  • Is medical billing and coding hard?

    Like any other job, it requires training. It is a highly specialized skill, and if codes aren’t entered correctly doctors might not get paid. However, if you are trained and certified you will find the work is not difficult at all.

  • What do medical billers and coders do?

    Medical billers and coders make sure doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics and labs get paid for the work they do. This work is very important, as it allows medical facilities to stay in business! They also help patients by ensuring they can take full advantage of any insurance benefits they may have. It is one of several.

  • What are ICD10 codes?

    ICD stands for the International Classification of Diseases. The “10” stands for “Tenth Revision.” It’s simply the name of the system of codes used to classify procedures, diagnoses, and symptoms in medical billing. The World Health Organization sets and publishes these codes.

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  • I simply couldn’t afford to hire someone for medical billing and coding.

    “ The overhead at my medical practice was out of control. I simply couldn’t afford to hire a specialist for medical billing and coding. Fortunately, TransWise allows me to outsource this function so I can focus on practicing medicine instead.”

    Dr. Frank N.
  • I get more insurance money with TransWise.

    TransWise kept my practice open for me.

    “ I was on the verge of going out of business simply because insurance companies kept denying our claims. It’s no secret insurance, not patients, pay the bulk of our bills. TransWise helped us clean up our process so we get more money for our hard work. I’d recommend them to any doctor who wants to stay in business.”

    Dr. Karen P.