Accurate, Dependable Medical Services and Healthcare IT.

Introducing TransWise

TransWise was founded to provide medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals with affordable solutions to decrease healthcare costs and improve efficiency. In the ever changing healthcare market, utilizing technology & streamlining operating procedures are vital to maintaining high levels of productivity and reducing operating costs. As an integral component of your medical practice management, we focus on electronic transaction management, efficient operating procedures & staff education for your practice, so you can focus on patient care. Our customizable solutions are scalable and include any or all of the following critical components:


Medical Transcription


EMR Implementation


Back Office Services


Billing & Collections


Insurance Benefit Verification

These are critical areas in any practice, and with our expertise, we can provide customized, managed solutions. Every clinic, hospital, or office has their own software, charts, and ways to keep records together and for disbursement. We can develop custom solutions to help you transition into the next wave of file sharing, or help you begin a venture from scratch. We can even integrate transcription into existing services and software with minimal to no cost.


The orginal idea arose from two people coming together with differing backgrounds.

Aman Quadri


Khalid (Ken) Parekh

Co - Founder

Our Services


Transwise Transcription Service is a dependable and accurate medical transcription service that is offered to physician offices, hospitals and healthcare systems.
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Voice Recognition With Wisescribe

TransWise WiseScribe service is a dependable and accurate voice recognition service. Our editors work from the top rated MModal® Voice Recognition Platform .
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Medical Billing And Coding

As a doctor you have trained for over a decade to obtain the skills to successfully practice medicine. Similarly, given the requirements for today’s billing process.
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Insurance Verification With Wiseverify

TransWise- WiseVerify (WV) is a customizable solution that facilitates the insurance verification and authorization process quickly and efficiently.
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Medical Office Outsourced Employees (BPO)

Human capital is often the largest expense that an office faces on a day to day basis. Managing the costs of human capital adds value to your partnership with Transwise.
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Healthcare IT

Transwise works to apply intelligence as the core concept of delivering solutions to our clients.
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Medical Billing And Coding

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical billing and coding is the process of taking notes from a doctor about a patient’s diagnosis and then using the appropriate ICD10 codes.
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What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of taking a voice or dictation file from a physician or other medical provider and then typing up a Word document to create a readable record.
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