Why Choose TransWise?

Improves productivity and lowers costs for medical offices.

Offers top-notch staff training.

Receive customizable, scalable solutions.

A suite of services to meet any need.

  • What is medical transcription?

    Medical transcription is the process of taking a voice or dictation file from a physician or other medical provider and then typing up a Word document to create a readable record.

  • How does medical transcription work?

    You provide TransWise with the file, and we transcribe it for you. We customize this and other solutions directly to each physician’s needs. We even have a web platform which stores all the transcribed reports as well as interfacing with your EHR or EMR system. When you use TransWise you avoid the expenses and headaches that come with adding a full-time transcriptionist to your office staff.

    We’re also available 24/7 and make our reports available upon request through our online web platform.

  • How many steps are involved in medical transcription?

    There are two primary steps.

    The first is setting up the way you’ll get the audio file to us. The second is how we’ll get the transcribed back to you. After that, the rest of the process is customized to your specifications, just like our medical billing and coding services are.

  • Why do physicians need medical transcription services?

    Many insurance companies require typed doctor’s notes to help them determine whether they will pay a claim. These notes also help doctors communicate with other care providers who may interact with a patient. Storing and sending these notes electronically means everyone who needs to see them will have access to them.

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  • TransWise made it so easy!

    They were fast, accurate, and exceeded my expectations.

    “ I love the web platform and TransWise’s ability to interface with my EMR. Their prices are really fantastic as well. I recommend TransWise to other practices in my local area all the time because I’ve been so pleased with their service.”

    Dr. Gwen S.
  • The best transcription service I’ve ever used.

    I’ve tried many others, and nothing’s come close.

    “ Many transcription services just aren’t very reliable or accurate. There’s no room for mistakes when patient’s lives are on the line, so I appreciate the care, concern, and accessibility TransWise offers.”

    Dr. John W.